150L 200L Hand Wheel Type Vertical Autoclave

Product Parameters

Model HS-VSE150/200
Working pressure 0.22Mpa
Working temperature 134℃
Working temperature range 50 – 134℃
Sterilization time 0 – 9999 min
Drying time 0 – 9999min
Accuracy of temperature display 0.1℃
Heat average ≤± 1℃

Product List

Model Chamber Size Outer Size Packing Size G.W. / N.W. Power
HS-VSE150 150L / Ø500×760 mm 650*650*1400mm 760*800*1530mm 210/180kg 6.0 kw
HS-VSE200 200L / Ø500×1000 mm 650*650*1700mm 760*800*1720mm 230/200kg 6.0 kw

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