Fully Automatic EO Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Product Specifications

Product model HS-EO
Door type Vertical sliding door
Heating method Electric uniform heating
Sterilization temperature 50 ℃ ± 5 ℃
Working pressure -60 kpa
Sterilization humidity 45-75%
Sterilization agent EO gas
Chamber material Stainless steel / Aluminium
Shell material Steel plate baking varnish
Touch screen 7 Inch
Control system PLC
Incubator Constant temperature incubator
Power supply 110-220V / 50-60Hz

Product Features

  • Safety EO gas puncture device

EO gas can automatically punctured by special device in the chamber, no need human intervention.

  • Efficient ventilation system

Automatic pulse vacuum ventilation ensures EO gas exhaust thoroughly .

  • Full automatic control system

One button to control from start to end and finish automatically with printing record.

  • Door interlock

The door cannot be opened while program is running.

  • Display condition

It shows temperature, humidity, pressure, sterilization time, residual gas handle time and frequency.

  • Sterilization chamber

The sterilization chamber adopts stainless steel 304 three-layer temperature control protection.

  • Door

Double protective door, automatic vertical sliding door, safety interlocking door

  • Printer

Print record for the sterilizing information of whole process, to prepare for verification.

  • Humidity sensor

Inner humidity sensor check chamber humidity automatically, ensures chamber humidity keep in stable level.

  • Pressure sensor

Inner with pressure sensor to check chamber pressure automatically, ensure that the chamber pressure is accurate and effective.

  • Temperature sensor

Inner with temperature sensor to check chamber temperature automatically, ensure the chamber temperature within precise range of 50℃ ± 5℃.

  • Vacuum system

Adapting the oil free vacuum pump, simple and convenient, the vacuum speed is fast and the service life is long.

  • Negative pressure in whole cycle

Chamber pressure is always negative in whole cycle ensures EO gas no leakage to outside during working

  • Heating system

Adapting to anti-explosion electric heating device, more convenient and fast.

  • Variety of protective function

It has over temperature protection function and residual gas automatic process system. While the errors happen it have sound alarm. When the whole sterilization finished, have sound reminder also. Leak detection function and safety automatic detection function.

  • Automatic recovery function

Regardless of power cut, outage, or the program disorder, it can determine the point of failure, the program can automatic recovery after power on and the device continue running.

  • Fault diagnosis

Automatic fault detection, fault code content display alarm, fault sound alarm and fault printing system.

  • Air inlet

The air inlet is provided with a sterile filter,which can effectively filter out bacteria and microorganisms,and avoid the second time pollution when discharged.

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