• Type: Horizontal Cylindrical Steam Autoclave
  • Control: Computer
  • Status display: Digital display and Indicator light
  • Steam generator: Built-in steam generator, stainless steel 304
  • Printer: Yes
  • Drying: Yes
  • Water tank: Stainless steel 304
  • Chamber material: Stainless steel 304
  • Door: Safety interlock door
  • Loading: Stainless steel removable sterilization tray
  • Language: English
  • Voltage: 220V single phase, 220/380Vthree phase. 50/60Hz
  • The machine adopts cylindrical horizontal double-layer design structure, with an internal chamber and an external jacket, which is conducive to the steam first entering the jacket for preheating, ensuring the preheating of the sterilization chamber and the uniformity of the drying temperature.
  • Computercontrol, water adding, heating, sterilizing, drying, exhaust, printing process are fully automatic.
  • With over-temperature, over-pressure auto-protect device.
  • The door opening mechanism cannot be operated until the pressure in the chamber is reduced to 0.027 Mpa. It can’t be start on if the door doesn’t close well.
  • The safety valve will be open automatically, when the inner pressure over 0.24 Mpa and the steam will be exhausted to the water tank.
  • Stainless steel door with radial lever can effectively lock tight the door cover and prevent steam leakage, at the same time, equipped with door safety interlock device.
  • The door gasket is made of high-quality silicone, high temperature resistant, durable and not deformed.
  • Equipped with water level cutoff sensor and water level indicator. The power will be cut-off automatically, cut-off the water and alarm when the machine lacking water.
  • Build-in efficient steam generator, microcomputer temperature control, time and energy saving.
  • The whole chamberis made of stainless steel 304.
  • The beep will sound once the sterilization cycle completes.
  • Equipped with drying function, printer, water tank.
  • With two pressure temperature gauges, real-time display of the temperature and pressure of the inner chamber and jacket.
  • The timer starts only after the pre-set temperature is reached, ensuring complete sterilization.
  • Automatic air venting device discharges cool air from chamber to obtain effective saturated steam.
  • Equipped with PT/TT test port.
  • Safe protection of water lacking.
  • The program will be stopped if water level lower than the low limit.
  • The buzzer alarms when a cycle of operation is completed.
  • Over temperature & over pressure auto-protection.
  • Over current protector.
  • Door safety interlock system.
  • Electric safety protective device.
  • Automatic release safety valve
  • Emergency exhaust valve.

Product Parameters

Model HS-HSB
Working pressure 0 – 0.22 Mpa
Working temperature 134 °C
Temperature range 0 – 134 °C
Sterilization time range 0-99 min
Drying time range 0-99 min
Heat average ≤1 °C

Product List

Model Chamber Size(mm) Product Size(mm) Package Size(mm) G.W./N.W. Power
HS-HSB150 150L / Ø440×1000 1400×650×1600 1560×820×1760 430/340kg 9 KW
HS-HSB200 200L / Ø515×1000 1400×780×1780 1560×910×1960 440/350kg 9 KW
HS-HSB300 300L / Ø600×1080 1500×910×1900 1680×108×2060 570/460kg 12 KW

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