Hospital Autoclave Horizontal Cylindrical Sterilizer

  • Type: Hospital Autoclave
  • Class: Class B
  • Control: Microcomputer
  • Display: LCD color touch screen
  • Steam generator: Built-in steam generator
  • Door: Safety interlock door
  • Loading: Sterilization tray
  • Water tank: Yes
  • Drying function: Vacuum drying
  • Printer: Built-in printer
  • Vacuum system: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Voltage: 220/380V. 50/60Hz
  • The machine adopts cylindrical horizontal triple-layer design structure, with chamber, jacket and mineral glass wool insulation, which is conducive to the steam first entering the jacket for preheating, ensuring the preheating of the sterilization chamber and the uniformity of the drying temperature.
  • Water adding, pulsing vacuum, heating up, sterilizing, drying, exhaust, printing process are fully automatic.
  • Stainless steel door with radial lever can effectively lock tight the door cover and prevent steam leakage, at the same time, equipped with door safety interlock device and safety shield.
  • The door gasket is made of high-quality silicone, high temperature resistant, durable and not deformed.
  • Microcomputer control system, preset professional and systematized sterilizing programs, testing program and user-defined program.
  • 4 inch LCD color touch screen operation, realized program selection, parameter setting, report processing, printing, storing and others functions, real-time display temperature, pressure, time, running status, fault alarm, etc…
  • Built-in high quality vacuum pump, to ensure effective removal of the air so as to get the optimum saturate steam.
  • Unique pulse vacuum drying procedure is designed, and the residue moisture of instrument less than 0.2%.
  • Equipped with water level cutoff sensor and water level indicator. If water shortage, the machine will stop running.
  • Perfect fault warning system is designed, and fault messages are shown on touch screen display real-timely.
  • The beep will sound once the sterilization cycle completes and messages are shown on touch screen display at the same time.
  • A separate boiler with high efficiency steam generator is provided under the main body, microcomputer temperature control, time and energy saving.
  • The chamber and door are made of SUS 304, jacket, boiler, water tank, steam generator, pipeline are made of SUS 304, outer shell is made of stainless steel sprayed.
  • Preset pre-vacuum and post-vacuum functions are able to improve sterilization effect and drying effect, shorten sterilization time and drying time.
  • Automatic hydrophobic device: Installed automatic control hydrophobic device for chamber and jacket, automatic program control, automatic drain, ensure the steam saturation.
  • The chamber drain outlet is equipped with a filter to ensure that it will not be blocked.
  • Equipped with 0.22um HEPA filter.
  • Perfect 3 level authority management system to avoid misoperation.
  • Built-in printer, record the entire sterilization cycle.
  • Equipped with validation test port.
  • It has the safety switch of door cover.
  • Heater protection.
  • Anti-dry heating.
  • Door safety interlock device: The program can’t start up when the door is not closed well. When the pressure of chamber is not 0, the door can’t be opened.
  • Over-temperature protection & Over-pressure protection.
  • Automatic release safety valve: The safety valve will be open automatically when the inner pressure or temperature over set pressure or temperature.
  • Over current protect.
  • Electric safety protective device: Fuse protects control units when short circuit or overload occurs.
  • Overheating protection device: High temperature deviation in chamber actuates protective device cuts off the heating source immediately.
  • Vacuum pump overload: The vacuum pump stops and alarms once its motor is overload or blocked when vacuum pump running.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Low water cutoff sensor.
  • If double-door, two doors cannot be opened at the same time.

Product Parameters

Design pressure -0.1/0.3MPa
Working pressure 0.22Mpa
Vacuum rate – 0.096
Sterilization temperature 105 – 138℃
Maximum temperature 138℃
Sterilization time 0 – 99 min
Drying time 0 – 99 min
Temperature display accuracy 0.1℃
Pressure display accuracy 0.1kpa

Product List

Model Chamber Size(mm) Outer Size(mm) New Weight Power
HS-HSC60P 60L / Ø386×500 985×600×1450 105kg 5.7kw
HS-HSC80P 80L / Ø386×700 985×600×1450 120kg 5.7kw
HS-HSC100P 100L / Ø400×800 1080×650×1450 140kg 6kw
HS-HSC135P 120L / Ø500×700 1000×710×1550 225kg 9kw
HS-HSC185P 185L / Ø500×950 1250×710×1550 255kg 11kw
HS-HSC300P 300L / Ø650×950 1350×900×1750 350kg 12kw
HS-HSC450P 450L / Ø650×1360 1750×900×1750 450kg 20kw

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