Lab Autoclave Specifications

Model HS-VSC
Display system LED screen
Chamber material SUS304
Temperature accuracy 0.1℃
Working environment 5-45℃, 10% – 85%RH
Sterilization temperature 105-138℃
Range of sterilization time 1-6000 min
Melting temperature 60-115℃
Range of melting time 1-6000 min
Warming temperature 45-60℃
Range of warming time 1-9999 min
Drying time (optional) 1-300 min
Cooling lock OPEN 40-80℃ for liquid cycle, 40-99℃ for other cycles
Sterilization cycle

1. Liquid   2. Liquid with warming   3. Solid   4. Wrapped instrument   5. Fabric 6. Rubber 7. Fast

8.Waste   9. Agar 10. Drying   11. Customized cycle

Sterilization cycle number Can save up to 60 cycles, record 1000 process, and USB port.
Exhaust Automatic internal discharging.
Exhaust speed can be selected by 6 levels.
Opening way Up and down
Preset range of timer Can be preset and auto start up to 7 days in advance
Range of pressure gauge -0.1/0.5Mpa
Pressure Max working pressure: 0.27Mpa
Design pressure: 0.35Mpa
Steam collector Steam collector and water tank
Controller Fast speed microcomputer controller
Safety device Eight double inner locks, lid closing checking, dry scorch protection, over-pressure protection, safety valve, water level sensor, over-temperature protection, temperature monitor, over current and short circuit protection, leakage protection, cooling lock, anti-scald chamber cover and bench, automatic troubleshooting.
Cooling fan Built in
Authority management Three-level authority management

Product List

Model Chamber Dimension Stainless Steel Basket Rate Power Outer Dimension
HS-VSC60 60L / φ400x505mm (φ360x200mm) x 2 2.9KW 660x644x980mm
HS-VSC85 85L / φ400x700mm (φ360x280mm) x 2 4.6KW 660x644x980mm
HS-VSC110 110L / φ400x895mm (φ360x250mm) x 3 4.6KW 660x644x1180mm

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