Low Temperature Steam Formaldehyde Sterilizer

Principle of Sterilization

By the fast penetration under vacuum condition of mixed gas of low temperature (60℃ and 78℃) steam and 2% formaldehyde, breathable sterilizing packaging equipment (induding complex structures such as lumens and gaps) can be sterilized quicky and effciently.


All types of soft mirrors, no lumen number or diameter limit, electric knife, ultrasonic emulsifier, epidural catheter, bipolar, ultrasound probe, ophthalmic laser box, ophthalmic laser resin, thoracic saw, biopsy bottle, X-ray cover, cartilage knife, long narrow lemun, hard mirror and lts accseeories, minimally invasive surgical instrument, ophthalmic instruments, ECG and electrode lines, optical fiber, etc… All materials that can be sterilized with ethylene oxide are also compatible with formaldehyde sterilizer.

Performance Characteristics

  • The main components of the sterilizer are: sterlization chamber, sealing door, pipeline system, water purifcation system, injection vaporiation system, analytical discharge system, electrical box and sterilization cariers.
  • The sealing door adopts electromagnetic interlocking and patented, self-sealing technology, and can be kept sealed when the power or the gas is cut off.
  • The equipment comes with a steam generation system and a RO water treatment system.
  • Record the sterilization process data and trends with a double-channel recorder(pressure and temperature), optionally with an online micro printer.
  • The sterilization process is automatically controlled by a PLC, need no manual intervention, and has three levels of password authority.
  • Real-time monitoring parameters such as time, temperature and pressure during the sterilization process and display.
  • Preset 60℃ and 78℃ sterilization cycles and vacuum leak test cycle.
  • Vacuum leak detection throughout the process to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment environment.
  • With self-diagnosis system, it can monitor the equipment’s own fault and alarm.
  • It has no special installation site restrictions and can be used as soon as it is installed.

Main Parameters

Model HS-HO130 HS-HO240
Sterilization Capacity 130L 240L
Door Number Single door, (double doors) Single door, (double doors)
Door Opening Manual, Right Manual, Right
Power Supply 7.0KW, 380V, 50/60HZ 7.0KW, 380V, 50/60HZ
Outer Size 1050*850*1800mm 1300*1100*1900mm
Weight 240kg 290kg

Compatible Packaging Materials

Packaging materials for steam sterilization are compatible:

1. Paper-plastic bags and rolls.

2. Sterilized paper packaging: crepe paper, non-woven fabric, PEP, SMS, etc

The metal sterilization box can be used, but needs to be equipped with a suitable filter.

A plastic steriliation box can be used.

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